The LG V50 Dual Screen Is The More Affordable And Practical Foldable Option In 2019

This was supposed to be the summer of the foldable phones. By now, in July 2019, we were supposed to be seeing on the streets, giant ass tablet screens that miraculously fold into a pocket-sized device. But alas, neither Samsung’s nor Huawei’s device foldable phone has made it to store shelves yet for varying reasons.

Maybe the tech just isn’t ready? Even if it is ready, the tech behind a single screen bending in half doesn’t seem highly durable, and affordable, to boot.

Maybe, then, LG’s more conventional approach of slapping a second screen next to a phone — which the South Korean company is calling LG Dual Screen — is the more practical option for now? It sure is the more affordable option. I was able to purchase my unit in Hong Kong for about HK$6,500, which is about US$830, a far cry from the $2,000 or $2,500 Samsung and Huawei are expecting to respectively asking.

Now to be fair, both the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are much more ambitious, cutting-edge devices, but like I said, maybe the tech just isn’t all the way there for consumers to invest that much cash.

Plus, from my usage, the V50 with the Dual Screen attachment can do many of the things one would have done with the Fold or the Mate X anyway. For example, on the V50 Dual Screen, you can run two apps side-by-side, even same instances of the same app. You can watch a video on one while typing away on WhatsApp on the other. Or scroll through Twitter on one screen while writing an email on the other. And sad you can see from the main screen, you can even use one of the screens as a virtual joystick for gaming.

Check the video for more usage scenarios, but personally, I’m impressed by the LG V50 Dual Screen.

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