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This Is Huawei’s Stunning Foldable Phone (Video)

Photo: Ben Sin

Although Huawei’s consumer business head Richard Yu talks a lot of trash about Apple — dude is hilarious — the reality is Samsung is a more direct rival to Huawei than the American tech giant.

The reason is obvious: they both run Android, and both release two flagships a year at around the same time, thus putting them in more direct competition for customers.

Well, Huawei just unveiled its foldable phone, the Mate X, at the Mobile World Congress. I got an early look of the device yesterday, and it looks to be slightly more impressive than Samsung’s already jaw-dropping Galaxy Fold. The reason for that is because the Mate X’s screen spans almost edge-t0-edge in every form — whether opened up in tablet form or folded in phone mode. Samsung’s device, on the other hand, has a cut-out at the upper right corner in tablet mode and has giant ass bezels surrounding the screen in phone mode.

Photo: Samsung
Photo: Samsung

Now look at Huawei’s Mate X.

Photo: Ben Sin

Or better yet, see it in action.

Now, there’s one giant caveat: the Mate X looks damn good, but Huawei, like Samsung, wouldn’t let any media member touch the device. We could look at it. This implies that the phone just isn’t quite ready. Whether it’s software or the bendable OLED display — something is keeping Samsung and Huawei concerned. This means that while the Mate X (and the Galaxy Fold) may indeed ship in the next couple of months, they’re probably typical with gen-one cutting-edge tech, in that it’ll be a bit hard to use.

The Mate X runs on Huawei’s flagship mobile chipset, the Kirin 980, with Balong 5000, the latter is Huawei’s 5G chipset. Huawei says the Mate X can reach peak download speeds of 4Gbs per second, which is close to ten times the max speed of what 4G can do right now. Of course, 5G is mostly hype for now; early roll-out should begin soon in select cities but for most of the world 5G won’t be widely available until at least 2020.

The display is an 8-inch panel with 2,480 X 2,2,00 resolution. When folded up, the front part measuers 6.6-inches and the back part is 6.4-inches. The back screen will mainly be used for taking selfies, as the Mate X has a triple camera set-up. Huawei didn’t give me any camera details at time of this writing, but I’m assuming it’s the same camera array found in the Mate 20 Pro, which means it’s a highly capable camera.

There are two battery cells inside, combining for 4,500 mAh capacity. And the Mate X supports Huawei’s new super fast charging which tops up at 55w. Huawei says the Mate X can go from 0 to 85% in 30 minutes.

The device has a thickness of 5.4mm when unfolded, and 11mm when folded in smartphone mode. From what I can see, the thickness isn’t too bad. It can definitely fit in my pocket.

Pricing and availability hasn’t been announced yet at time of this writing, I’ll update this post when information is out. In the meantime, you can follow this site’s Twitter account @nextgadgetup for more real-time updates.